$499 Denon Ethernet cable

Would you spend more than the price of a computer on a cable?

Do you have $500 to spare? Perhaps you’ve got nowhere put the money and it’s just taking up valuable space? Then you can get one of these Denon AK-DL1 cables.

They say it was “made from high purity copper wire and high performance connection parts” and it will “bring out all the nuances in digital audio reproduction from any of our Denon DVD players with the Denon Link feature”.
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Trying Out Arch Linux

Apparantly Kernel 2.6.20 and above now name all ide hardrives as sd* devices rather than hd*. eg. sda1, sda2, sdb1, sdb2, etc. That threw me off for a while.

Also, if you if you use XFS as your root filesystem, you have to specify it as a module when you are configuring the kernel. The default kernel doesn’t have built in support for it, and the module is not added automatically. It would’ve been nice, if it mentioned it somewhere during the installation steps… or better still automatically included based on your previous choices.