Pinging Windows/SMB computers using their Netbios name

You can easily set up a linux computer to contact/ping windows computers using their netbios name (computer name set up in windows). This will show you how.

In a small windows network you can contact (i.e. ping etc.) one windows computer from another using their name even if there isn’t a DNS server in the network. However, from a computer running linux, you would need to know the ip address of the computer you want to contact. The “computer name” the windows computers use in this instance are their netbios names which other computers discover using WINS resolution. Linux computers are usually not set up to use this.

The most common solution is to just add just add the PCs to your hosts file. But that would become tiresome if you have more than a couple of computers, and would not work at all if your computers use dynamic IPs.
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Windows update blocks internet access

Update (11 July): Checkpoint have released a new update for ZoneAlarm that resolves this issue.

If your internet connection stopped working after you installed windows update patches released yesterday, it’s most probably because you are running Zone Alarm with its security level set to high. One of the patches (KB951748) released yesterday doesn’t play very well with zone alarm.
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