Installing Ubuntu (Linux) on HP dv2899ea Artist Edition

The installation was simple, very similar to a Windows installation with no questions that should appear difficult to anyone who’s used a computer before. In under 30 minutes I had a workable system running Ubuntu, and that included Open Office and a working network/internet connection including WIFI!

After playing around with Vista for a couple of days on my new HP dv2899ea Artist Edition Notebook, I had decided it had to go. For starters it had a restore partition that had taken up 12GB and for some reason the actual supposedly fresh installation took up at least twice as much. But I made a set of system recovery discs on just in case if for some reason I decide to install it again. That took about a year and a half to create! (OK, may be it was a little closer to a couple of hours.) Continue reading “Installing Ubuntu (Linux) on HP dv2899ea Artist Edition”