Minimum and Maximum widths in IE6 CSS

Setting minimum and maximum widths for a web page in IE6 using proprietary CSS expressions, and adding the stylesheet using Internet Explorer conditional comment tag.

In a previous article I showed you how easy it is to create a constrained fluid layout i.e. one with a minimum and maximum widths. While this works on all standards compliant browsers, it doesn’t work in Internet Explorer 6. Continue reading “Minimum and Maximum widths in IE6 CSS”

Highlighting author comments on WordPress

How to highlight comments made by the article author in your blog. This method doesn’t use hard coded emails making it flexible and easier to implement. It also uses IDs so the comments can’t be faked.

When I was looking for a way to highlight the author comments in this wordpress template I was creating, I had a search on google. Most of the results were Continue reading “Highlighting author comments on WordPress”

CSS Style Comparison Utility

I’ve written a the Style Comparison Utility to help compare different fonts and styles to help me while trying out different designs.

This utility lets you compare a paragraph of text using two different styles, fonts and colours. It has an advance font selector that lets you preview your fonts. You can layout the comparison panes vertically or horizontally.