Apple publishes iphone-5 blueprints

For the first time Apple released the external blueprints of one of their devices to the public. Usually this is made available to accessory manufacturers. Now they’ve published it in their developer site.

Samsung can now start making its next phone. (I keeeed! I keeeed! 😀)


Android Platform Version Share – September 2012

Google just published the monthly Android platform distribution. It shows that Android version 4.0 (ICS) has been growing at the same pace as last month, and version 4.1 (Jelly Bean) is just about getting a foothold in the market.

Version August September Change
Jelly Bean 0.8% 1.2% +0.4%
v4.1 16
Ice Cream Sandwich 15.9% 20.9% +5.0%
v4.0 14 – 15
Honeycomb 2.3% 2.1% -0.2%
v3.x 12 – 13
Gingerbread 60.6% 57.5% -3.1%
v2.3 9 – 10
Frozen Yoghurt 15.5% 14.0% -1.5%
v2.2 8
Eclair 4.2% 3.7% -0.5%
v2.1 7
Donut 0.5% 0.4% -0.1%
v1.6 4
Cupcake 0.2% 0.2% 0%
v1.5 3

ICS usage share got a bit of a boost from the upgrades as well as some of the new phones. In next months statistics, we should see some of this boost shift to Jelly Bean if the most popular phone right now e.g. the Samsung Galaxy S3 gets upgraded. Along with other phones due for release this may put Jelly Bean at nearly 10%. or at least I hope! Otherwise the Jelly Bean share should hover around 2% while the ICS share rises to the mid-20%.

We’re unlikely to see the Gingerbread usage share decrease any quicker then the current rate as the phones still on this version are bound to stay on it. This will just get diluted as new phones come to market, and old phones are discarded.

Upgrading your Xoom to Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich)

Motorola Mobility is currently in the process of a limited rollout of Android 4.0 – Ice Cream Sandwich (Version 4.0.3/Package IML77 to be precise). Instead of waiting for the wider release you can manually upgrade your Xoom to ICS.

Your will need

  • A USB host cable, and
  • A USB thumbdrive, or an sd-card on a single card reader also works. Not too sure about those N-in-1 card readers – I’d stay away from those. Also, it doesn’t work from the micro-sd drive in the Xoom.

I use an SD-Card connected to the Xoom via micro-USB host cable and a USB-2.0 SD-Card reader. My Xoom is the Wifi model running the latest US Honecomb 3.2 (i.e. HTK75D).


  1. Download the zip file from Google and save it into the root folder of your USB drive.
  2. Connect the USB drive to the Xoom using a Host cable.
  3. Shut down your Xoom.
  4. Switch it on and press the Volume Down button as soon as the red Motorola logo appears.
  5. It should say Android Recovery in the top left. If it doesn’t keep pressing Volume Down until you see it.
  6. Press Volume Up to select the option.
  7. When the Green Android with the Exclamation Point appears, hold the Power button and press Volume Up.
  8. Select Update from USB drive.
  9. Pick the downloaded zip file.
  10. Enjoy your Ice Cream Sandwich! 🙂

Source: XDA Forums / Bauxite

Motorola Xoom Keyboard and Mouse

Motorola Xoom Keyboard and Mouse

Finally got my free Xoom Keyboard and Mouse bundle from Motorola. The keyboard looks pretty slick, but the mouse looks like a basic portable mouse.

Pairing them with the Xoom was easy, just turn them on and wait for the lights to start flashing, then scan for devices from the Xoom. Once its found them, just pair them.

Android is suprisingly useable with a keyboard/mouse combination. You can double click on things, scroll through a window using the wheel, but you can also do the normal touch gestures with the mouse by holding the left button down. If it had a set of full desktop type apps such as Microsoft Office or even LibreOffice, it would have made a really good netbook OS.

Updating UK Xoom Wifi MZ604 from android 3.0.1 to 3.2

This shows how to upgrade your Xoom Wifi (MZ604) from Android/Honeycomb 3.0.1 to 3.2

As all the UK (as well as other non-US) Motorola Xoom owners are aware, their Xooms are stuck on Android 3.01 whereas the US version is already rolling onto 3.2. The European customers were promised version 3.1 a few weeks ago, but there is no news of anyone actually getting that update yet.

So … if you have a UK Xoom Wifi, here’s how you can get 3.2 installed on it. It’s not completely risk-free, and not entirely simple either, but it’s certainly less frustrating than dealing with Motorola Support when it comes to finding out information on updates.

I guess right now your About tablet screen looks like this …

… and that’s what we’re about to change!

The Process

The process you’ll follow is:

  1. Flash the U.S stock 3.0.1 image
  2. Auto-update to 3.1 (and then to 3.2)
  3. Flash the ClockworkMod Recovery image
  4. Flash the Rooted 3.2 image.

UPDATE: As a couple of comments have pointed out, the 3.2 update is now available OTA via the Auto Update. It is a two stage process, it will first update to 3.1 and reboot, after which, if you check for updates again it will find 3.2. So, follow steps 3 and 4 only if you want a rooted version of 3.2. Cheers commenters for pointing this out.

NOTE: By following these steps you’ll be voiding the warranty on your Xoom, and there is a chance you could brick your device. I’ve only tried it on the UK Wifi Xoom i.e. the MZ604. Also, this will erase all your data from the Xoom, so back things up!

These are quite detailed instructions so the process seems quite long, but it should take less than an hour to complete for most people. If you’ve done firmware updates before, it should really take around 20 minutes to fully root, or less than that to get the stock Android 3.2.
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A Beta Tester Unboxes the Logitech Revue (Google TV)

One of the beta testers posted a video of him unboxing the Logitech Revue. It comes with all the usual cables etc, but also includes a keyboard and an IR blaster. It doesn’t have an eSata port, which would’ve been handy for a fast HDD connection. But I guess HD movies are fine running off a USB connected drive.
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Seagate FreeAgent Theater+HD review

Seagate FreeAgent Theater+HD Networked Media Player
The Seagate Freeagent Theater+HD is one of a long line of Realtek chip based networked media players (also known as digital media adaptors, media receivers, media streamers, and probably others). These players allow you to watch any movies you have on your computer or USB hard drive on your TV.

While all the Realtek based players are priced and perform quite similarly, this one has a unique feature. It lets you dock a FreeAgent Go drive, and play any media you have on that. However, unlike the more expensive Popcorn Hour or the Netgear Digital Entertainer Elite, these do not have the typical Living Room Equipment design.

Setting up the FreeAgent Theater+ is quite easy. You simply connect this player to your TV using an HDMI cable if you have a recent HDTV, or using component cables if you have one of the early HDTVs or a Standard Definition TV, it also has a composite connection (the AV out) if your TV does not have any of the other connections. One niggle here is that they do not provide an HDMI cable, but they do provide the other two including a Scart adapter for the AV/Composite connection.

If your movies are on a USB Hard Drive or Flash/Thumb Drive you can connect that to either the front or back USB port. As previously mentioned, you can dock a FreeAgent Go hard drive to the dock.
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