Police, Camera, Harassment!

Would you know what to do if the police stopped you while taking photos in public?

Every day we seem to get another report on the police harassing photographers on the street. With the government scaremongering and campaigns encouraging people to harass photographers, some people are doing exactly that.

police poster warning people to watch out for 'odd' looking photographers
With this poster and ones similar to this warning us about people with more than one mobile phone, it looks like everyones a potential terrorist. If you have more than one phone that has a camera, then you’re definitely a terrorist. I mean, how many cameras does a “non-odd” person carry? I don’t really know since I don’t know their definition of oddness. I find people wearing six inch tall dome shaped hats quite odd! I also like the line “Let experienced officers decide what action to take”. These so called “experienced” officers don’t even the laws of what they’re allowed to when stopping and searching people. For example they are NOT allowed to force you to delete photos, or even confiscate your camera unless of course they actually arrest you. Even then they are not allowed to delete the photos.

I like the advice given in lightchaserphotography.com. May be the police should read that to get a few tips.

The register has a hilarious yet accurate take on this whole issue. click the piccy to go there…

The police and the paedophile terrorist photographers

Author: Musaul Karim

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