Downright Unethical and Potentially Illegal – BT and Phorm

The guys over at The Register have a story on How BT, Virgin Media, and Carphone Warehouse plan on spying on their customers internet habits using technology from spyware company phorm (formally known as 121 Media – the spyware, malware and rootkit developers).

The hardware from phorm will sit at the ISP intercepting all requests from the ISPs customers, reading the incoming and outgoing data to target the adverts shown to the customer. While Virgin Media and Carphone Warehouse are content with having this as an opt-in system, BT are adamant on having it on as default unless the user opts-out. Their paying customers’ privacy is obviously of no concern to them!

Even if it was an opt in system, the system will be intercepting and analysing web traffic without the authorisation of the creators of the page i.e. the copyright holders! This whole system is wrong on so many levels!

If the regular “fair-use” warnings on the supposedly unlimited bandwidth packages wasn’t enough, Now they want to mess around with your web usage too. Hopefully enough people will take their custom elsewhere to give them a reality check.

Read more on this at badphorm.

Author: Musaul Karim

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