Microsoft comes to its senses about IE8

Well, it would appear that microsoft is realising it made a mistake in choosing version targeted quirks mode as the default for Internet Explorer 8. I guess they didn’t anticipate the uproar from developers, and so decided to do a U-Turn and enable standard compliance mode by default.

In the IE8 blog they claim they’ve changed this to better fit microsoft’s new interoperability principles. They don’t mention the huge reaction to their original decision. Unless somehow the IE8 development team were totally unaware of these principles until recently, I don’t see their claim as having any elements of truth.

Even if they don’t admit to it, they have bowed to developer pressure, and it’s probably not because they’ve suddenly become a caring company listening to what the masses want. It appears they’ve realised they can no longer unilaterally control the browser market, and that can only be good for the digital community.

MS Press Release

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2 thoughts on “Microsoft comes to its senses about IE8”

  1. But they had to try to make sure all the people that made sites for their current browsers are compatible!

    Not everyone has time to go out of their way to read specs with like 1% relevance!

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