How to disable kvm and kvm_intel to allow VirtualBox to run

If you are getting the VirtualBox can’t operate in VMX root mode error dialog shown below …

… it is because you have the kvm and kvm_intel kernel modules enabled. You will need to unload them using the following commands:

sudo modprobe -r kvm_intel
sudo modprobe -r kvm

You should now be able to start your Virtual Machine.

If you want a permanent solution, you need to disable full virtualisation for qemu/kvm using the Boot-up manager. You can do so by following these steps.

1. Install the Boot-up Manager:

You can do this via the Software Center, where you can find it in the System Tools section:

screen shot of software-center

Alternatively, you can install it by typing the following in a console:

sudo apt-get install bum

2. Start the Boot-up manager from the System > Administration menu.

3. Untick Full virtualization on i386 and amd64 hardware and click Apply.

Screen shot of the Boot-up Manager

Note: VirtualBox will still run under full virtualisation provided your system supports it.

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3 thoughts on “How to disable kvm and kvm_intel to allow VirtualBox to run”

  1. Even though I untick “Full virtualization on i386 and amd64 hardware”, it won’t last to the next time i boot up, and it is allready unticked to begin with, so i can’t get anywhere with it :S
    Only if i run termial and do the sudo modprobe every time, then it’ll work…
    I need another advice…
    Any other solutions?

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