Issues in Android 3.2

Android 3.2 finally provides external storage support in actual android code, so the manufacturers don’t need to patch it in. However, it is currently just read-only. That seems to have dissapointed a few people.

One of the biggest niggles however in Android 3.2 is they introduced a bug in intents. Its the mechanism how one activity launches another one. If there are multiple apps installed which can handle an activity (e.g. if you have multiple image viewer apps), android gives you a window where you can pick which app you want to use. This bug prevents the picker window from coming up properly. Instead, the screen just darkens a little. The workaround is to rotate the device which will cause the window to come up.

Author: Musaul Karim

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3 thoughts on “Issues in Android 3.2”

  1. I have the same problem on the Asus transformer. Rotating the screen wil fix the problem but the problem re-occurs each time you turn the device off and restart it. Especially frustrating if you use a dock with the transformer as you have to detach it from the dock to rotate the screen.

  2. Changing the display language to something else will also fix it. Afterwards, you can just change it back to your original preference.

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