Apple’s advice to Samsung … Don’t make rectangular devices

Wow! Apple has suggested a few workarounds to Samsung to help them work around Apple’s design patents. They had to do this as part of their July request to ban imports of Samsung products. Redacted documents related to this request, including an expert declaration with workaround suggestions, are becoming available online. Here’s a few of the suggestions:

  • Front surface that isn’t black.
  • Overall shape that isn’t rectangular, or doesn’t have rounded corners.
  • Display screens that aren’t centered on the front face and have substantial lateral borders.
  • Front surfaces with substantial adornment.
  • Thick frames rather than a thin rim around the front surface.
  • Front surface that isn’t entirely flat.
  • Profiles that aren’t thin.
  • Cluttered appearance.

There’s only one reaction to this … WOW!

Author: Musaul Karim

Software Engineer, Hobbyist Photographer, and a bit of a gadget geek.

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